Founded in1981

Founded in 1981

Introduction to the group

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      Shenzhen prospecting institute of surveying and mapping(Group)Co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as deep prospecting group)Was established1981Years1Month,As the top national survey and design unit,The registered capital1.8One hundred million yuan,With national class a surveying and mapping;Engineering survey and comprehensive grade a;Foundation project specialized contracting grade;Geological disaster prevention and control of the construction、Exploration、Design、Risk assessment to serie a;Engineering survey service classes(The engineering drilling、Sinking);Municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting level;Municipal design professional serie b,The whole process of engineering consulting,Project monitoring and inspection qualification, etc。
  • 1/Talent advantage

    In the company's technical adviser、The first national survey and design master zhang kuang、Professor He Qicheng industry pioneer experts such as lead and cultivation,The company formed a professional leader led、Technical backbone、The structure is reasonable、Very skillful、Unity and mutual assistance、Self-motivated innovation of professional and technical team,Rapid growth makes deep prospecting institute for outstanding enterprises of our country's city survey。
  • 2/Scientific research and technology advantages

    Since its establishment,Complete all kinds of works more than thirty thousand,Won the country、Province(Department)、The municipal excellent project prize480The remainder term,The national gold medal17Items、Silver(Quality)Award27Items、Bronze award8Items。Group editor and participated in the national standard、Industry standards and local standards、Manual altogether40More than books,It happened26Patents and27The software copyright。
  • 3/The system is superior

    In a series of management system,Competitive remuneration and welfare system;Perfect work recruitment management system;Staff career development platform;Management、Technology of multi-channel promotion system;Registration system of reward management;Merit awards and the scientific research management system;New graduates housing subsidy system;Company orientation and public housing queuing system。
  • 4/Has a long history

    As of the same age with shenzhen deep exploration,In order to lean geotechnical engineering、Design and construction of promoting and witness to the SAR in the large-scale urban construction from a border town into an international metropolis。Born in“Shenzhen speed”The land、In breeding“Shenzhen quality”In the engineering、In achievement“Shenzhen miracle”In the journey,Depth can be more than 30 years like one day,For the land every wonderful loyal dedication。
  • 5/Corporate social responsibility

    Deep exploration has traditionally been a good corporate citizen have a strong sense of social responsibility,Earnestly fulfill the social responsibility is a deep can be one of the core concept。For many years deep can be always adhere to the organic integration of corporate economic responsibility and social responsibility,Implementation of enterprise own development at the same time,Duty-bound to support and participate in various public welfare undertakings,Undertake the social responsibility of the poor。

News of the deep prospecting

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The heat send cool and refreshing Love embellish the heart

The heat send cool and refreshing Love embellish the heart

——Shenzhen city federation of trade unions of high temperature season“Send cool and refreshing”Supply activities and group production safety inspection In the summer heat down never,The drama autumn heat gain。The sun is hot,Heat,Ping projects department is still under the qingshui river...【To check the details】
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