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National famous actor Liang Chunshu book as a gift‘Gong Fu tea’, Praise:Gong Fu tea!2015/1/8 15:28:42
Chairman MAO back Ren Zhenlong praised“Gong Fu tea”2015/1/6 14:46:56
“Gong Fu”Won:“The third king contest on both sides of the Taiwan straits”“Bronze award”2014/12/8 17:50:43
Hong Kong film star:Gabriel wong Praise Gong Fu tea is good!2014/11/22 12:53:11
Gong Fu tea won the second bucket tea series“High quality award”2014/11/9 18:22:33
Gong Fu tea,Zero distance contact with the stars2014/10/19 18:05:28
Gong Fu tea:Leaders with tea brands2014/9/10 17:55:15
Gong Fu tea won the king finals on both sides of the Taiwan straits“The diamond award”2014/8/10 17:46:02
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China needs a world-class brand of tea2014/5/20 14:52:18
Looking forward to tea industry competition“The aircraft carrier”The lead2014/5/20 14:50:33
2009Eight Chinese tea market trend is worth attention2014/5/20 14:48:25
When drinking tea becomes a habit2014/5/20 14:42:33
The year of the ox market:Looking forward to09The tea economy2009/5/20 14:40:11
Seventy thousand by a Lipton tea factory,Chinese tea zha didn't international famous brand2014/5/20 14:38:07
The tea economy contains five major business opportunities2014/5/20 14:35:43
The tea industry:Pay attention to the livelihood of the people,To advocate health2014/5/20 14:33:35
About Gong Fu tea
     Tea is the top grade of daily consumption。It has to do with coffee、Cocoa and said the world's three largest drinks。Of the three most with tea,The most widely。Zhongfu tea contains a variety of vitamins、Amino acids、Alkaloids、Tea polyphenols and other essential nutrients。To human body health of special utility is less than other drinks。Tea will be the king of the 21st century the most natural human health drinks。So we have reason to believe that the tea drinks(Food)Would be twenty?The gold industry in agriculture, food for the best。In this,Welcome clients from all over the world come to inquire agent distribution of our products。Sincerely welcome you to join“Gong Fu tea”Achieve the great plans。
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The tea culture
  Tea culture
Anxi—The tea culture   2014/5/20 13:44:05
The eight famous tea—Tieguanyin, led   2014/5/20 13:39:09
Anxi tea myth   2014/5/20 13:20:31
Oolong tea in China—Anxi tieguanyin   2014/5/20 13:11:39
In the tea——Anxi oolong tea   2014/5/20 13:06:32
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Tea and health
Anxi four big famous tea   2014/5/20 13:56:02
Talk to tea   2014/5/20 13:49:53
Tea drinking customs abroad   2014/5/20 12:55:26
Drinking tea and health   2014/5/20 12:39:06
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