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Company profile
Company profile
Yunfei, henan science and technology development co., LTD. Is located in huanghe river city---Zhengzhou city of henan province,Was established2007Years,Solutions provider is a company dedicated to agricultural informatization and agricultural information integrated service providers,Has built up covers agriculture、Forestry、The animal husbandry、The weather、Food safety testing、Agricultural products quality tracking、Plant physiology、Soil testing in the fields of agricultural informatization product system advanced and iot standard solution,Is the collection technology research and development、Production sales、Implementation of application in the integration of enterprises。 Henan yunfei technology development co., LTD has passedIS09001:2008Quality management system...
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Ten years with great concentration agriculture Agricultural informationization solution provider

Devote ten years to agricultural information solutions provider

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  • Contact phone number:400-690-7990
  • Company email:hnyf826@163.com
  • Contact address:Jinshui district of zhengzhou city of henan province house is north of goldBSeat
  • For the record:YuICPTo prepare13013965Number
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