Dumpling machine
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Quick-frozen dumpling machine-Multi-function dumpling machine
JM-300Type multifunctional dumpling machine
JM-200Type multifunctional dumpling machine
JM-180Type multifunctional dumpling machine
JM-1000Type multifunctional dumpling machine
JM-500Type multifunctional dumpling machine
JM-600Type multifunctional dumpling machine
JM-400Type multifunctional dumpling machine
JM-500Type multifunctional dumpling machine
JM-160Type multifunctional dumpling machine
Dumpling machine

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Pack dumpling machine
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    Beijing Beijing beauty China by multi-function dumpling machine is a set research and development、Design、Sales for the integration of enterprises is the modernization of multi-function dumpling machine。
    Our company research and development:Dumpling machineMulti-function dumpling machine,Pack dumpling machine,Dumplings are traditional machine upgrading products,Is the level of progress。The machine breaks through the traditional pack dumpling machine performance defects,The roll tablet、Contains the molding technology,Work out the dumplings on the palate、Colour and lustre、Form, etc, are good in the hand bag making dumplings,More is much better than the traditional dumpling machine;At the same time、Small volume、High efficiency、Increase the rate of production, etc;Really did it"Dumplings taste,The hands of the matter",Achieve their hands...To view more

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